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NEW Collection Launch - Bali Skate Collection

We've listened to your pledges and we've designed an exclusive collection inspired in Bali's famous skateboarding scene.

The Skateboarding scene in Bali has never been better

As we recover slowly from the worldwide pandemic, the streets in Bali are slowly getting more populated. This influences the amount of skaters in every skate park in Bali.

Last month we went to a Skate park in Canggu called "Loco by Nature" and we saw very talented skaters hitting that bowl.

This inspired us to create a unique collection, for those skaters, who religiously hit the skate park every day after work.

Bali Skate Collection by Whatever Label

Let's have a glance at our unique collection, shall we? But before we do that, let me tell you a little bit more about it.

This collection is designed by our creative designer Helen Hobson, from Creative Digital Marketing Agency.

We used 100% Organic Cotton from Bali, so that skaters in Bali can have a more breathable experience and it helps them protect better from the raving heat.

We choose two colors for this collection: Clay & Beige.

We believe these colors represent the earth that surrounds us, that makes our organic cotton so special and durable..

We like patches, so we've added our patch to give it a more original look ;)

Now our designs....(drum roll)


This unique T-Shirt shows a naked girl riding down the beach on a skateboard while carrying a surf board to catch the sunset. The text shows "Ride Naked" and "Smooth AF".


This awesome t-shirt shows a skater doing an ollie over a rack of skateboards. The text shows "Whatever your Steez" and "Enjoy The Bali Skate".


It was a matter of time that we gave protagonism to our big Skate scene in Canggu. This t-shirt shows a Skater doing a trick with the typical Canggu beach line in the background. The text displays " Canggu Skate" and "Made in Bali".


As we always say, Whatever Label is not a brand, it's a vibe. This cool t-shirt is a drawing after taking a photo of a skater in Bali. The text displays " Super Chill", " Be free, be wild, be whatever and "Skate Berawa".

We are very excited about Bali Skate Collection! We hope you like it as much as we do, but please, let us know what you think in the comments and we'll thank you with a surprise ;)

Stay cool,

The Whatever Team

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